School Uniform

An important element of our School is the wearing of a school uniform as we believe that this creates a pride in ones self and a pride in the School. All children will be expected to wear the School Uniform unless a note from parents indicate an inability to do so.

Uniform Order Form

Uniforms are available from the School and local suppliers. A clothing pool is also available. Please email your New_Uniform_Order_Form_2021.pdf to email address

No Hat No Play 

In Terms One and Four, School hats are an essential part of the uniform. Our policy is "No Hat-No play in the sun". Students are encouraged to wear a hat or beanie during terms two and three.

Winter Uniform 

Girls Boys
  • Tartan Pinafore
  • White Blouse with Peter Pan Collar
  • Navy Blue Tights or Navy Long Socks
  • White socks (mid season) Black School Shoes
  • Navy Blue Woollen Jumper
  • Grey Trousers
  • Blue Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Navy Blue Tie
  • Grey Socks
  • Navy Blue Woollen Jumper
  • Black School Shoes​/Boots

Summer Uniform

Girls Boys
  • Blue and White Uniform
  • Short White socks
  • Black School Shoes
  • Blue School Hat
  • Navy Blue Jumper (if necessary)​
  • Grey Shorts
  • Blue Shirt
  • Grey Socks
  • Black School Shoes/Boots
  • Navy Blue Jumper (if necessary)​

Sports Uniform

Girls Boys
  • Green and Goltracksuit (with logo)
  • Green and Gold Polo Shirt (with logo)
  • Green Skirt/Green Unisex Shorts/Green Skort
  • White Socks
  • Sports Shoes 
  • Green Fleece Polo Jumper with logo
  • Green and Gold Tracksuits (with logo)
  • Green and Gold Polo Shirt (with logo)
  • Green shorts with gold stripe/Green Unisex Shorts​
  • White Socks
  • Sports shoes 
  • Green Fleece Polo Jumper with logo.